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Emergency Procedures

The school creates a phone tree consisting of volunteer parents/guardians at the beginning of each school year. When the emergency phone tree is initiated by the office or transportation department the volunteer callers advise other parents/guardians of school closures or other urgent matters and also transportation situations. Please be sure you advise the office of any changes in your home, work or cell phone numbers so those numbers can be given to the phone tree caller responsible for calling you. Please remember that these are volunteer callers who will do their best to reach you. If you do not have a working phone, if your phone line is busy, or if they are not able to reach you after a reasonable amount of calls it may not be possible to deliver their message.

Emergency School Closure Procedures:

Under some circumstances, school cannot open or remain open due to loss of utilities (water, hear, and electricity), severe weather, or dangerous road conditions.  

If this occurs before the start of the school day, the school will contact the Emergency Phone Tree callers and the following radio and televisions stations who will broadcast spot announcements as often as possible. When there is threatening weather, tune into KSCO AM 1080 or KSBW Channel 8 or 6 and listen for public service announcements:

  • KSCO AM 1080
  • KSBW Channel 8 or 6.      

If this occurs after school has started and school must close, the Emergency Phone Tree will be initiated and/or the office staff will notify parents/guardians. Students will remain with their teacher in their classrooms until they can be released to a parent/guardian, a pre-designated Emergency Person or a safe adult. Parents/guardians must officially sign students out from the classroom. They will not be allowed to take other students from the classroom unless they are a pre-designated Emergency Person listed on the student’s enrollment form or in possession of a note from the student’s parent/guardian.

Please restrict your phone calls to the office. There are limited operating telephones during a power outage. The office will be busy making calls and assisting students and teachers.


Earthquake, Fire, and Other Emergency Procedures: During an earthquake, fire, or another emergency, students will be assisted in procedures to protect themselves and to shelter in place or move to a safe place. These procedures are practiced in monthly drills. If necessary, emergency dismissal and/or evacuation procedures will be initiated. The fire station on Martin Road and the Bonny Doon Church are the school’s off-campus evacuation sites.

Should BDUESD need to close school for emergency situations, Independent Study will be offered with the following conditions:

(1) Independent study will be offered within 10 days of the first day of a school 


(2) Students who are individuals with exceptional needs shall receive the 

services identified in their individualized education programs.

(3) Independent study is voluntary.

Please call our school office for more information.