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Dear Bonny Doon School Community:

It is with great enthusiasm that I serve as the Superintendent-Principal at our school. Bonny Doon Union Elementary  School District is truly a community school. Living in Bonny Doon and the San Lorenzo Valley for more than twenty-five years instills a mindset to our uniqueness. During my first year in the role as Superintendent/Principal for our school, I have been consistently struck by the incredibly welcoming, caring and supportive nature of the community. Thank you to the many I have met thus far, and I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming weeks, months and years.

My passion as an educator emphasizes building, fostering and enhancing community in ways that allow student access to a learning environment (academic, social, emotional and behavioral) beyond the four walls of a classroom and the home. Bonny Doon School’s size allows us to build strong, trusting connections necessary to advance the school’s work on behalf of our students. Relationships are the essential component for all schools making progress.

For me, the opportunity to support the cultural and professional practices that have led to the present success will require tapping into the positive environment that exists. At the same time, change in leadership invites the opportunity to have a "fresh set of eyes” to engage the Board, staff, and community to bring student success beyond present terms. Working in many different roles as a public educator, I understand how to amplify both the community’s assets and my assets in both policy and practice.

I look forward to our continued partnership.

Mike Heffner