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Conflict Resolution

Bonny Doon School students are trained in conflict resolution techniques that help them solve conflicts peacefully and amicably. They learn to use “I” statements to express their feelings and then brainstorm solutions to their problems. Upper grade students are trained as Conflict Managers to help their peers with conflicts that occur during lunch recess. The Conflict Managers also model the lifeskills that are part of every classroom’s curriculum.

Each month during the school year, the whole student body attends a Lifeskills assembly, where we discuss a different lifeskill. During the month, classroom teachers provide examples and model these lifeskills for their students. Students practice the lifeskills throughout the month and beyond, and students who have made a special effort to model the skills receive an award at the month’s assembly.

Life Skills

August/September ~ Kindness

October ~ Curiosity

November ~ Self-Awareness

December ~ Empathy

January ~ Innovation

February ~ Trustworthiness

March ~ Courtesy

April ~ Sociability

May/June ~ Resilience