Class Placement & First Day of School Announcements

Dear Family Partners,
We are so excited to see your students tomorrow morning. Our teachers and support team have been working hard in the days and months leading up to tomorrow.  This year, students will be in single-grade classrooms.  Please use the classrooms below for the grade-levels and classrooms:
Kindergarten: Mrs. Summerrill, Room 14 (upper campus)
1st Grade: Ms. Sessa, Room 15 (upper campus) 
2nd Grade: Mrs. Weaver & Ms. Arp, Room 13 
3rd Grade: Mrs. Carrington, Room 12
4th Grade: Ms. Grillo, Room 4
5th Grade: Ms. Speers, Room 1
6th Grade: Ms. Smith, Room 2
The Parents' Club and BD Community School Foundation are hosting the annual Welcome Back Coffee/Tea in front of the Multipurpose Room following drop off.  Please plan to join us.

ARRIVAL & DISMISSAL (STUDENT DROP–OFF AND PICK-UP) PROCEDURESStudents may arrive between 8:00 and 8:30am; no drop offs prior to 8:00. Student drop-off and pick up is on the upper campus parking lot only. Students arriving before the beginning of class must go to the lower playground where supervision takes place. 

PARKING LOT SAFETY & COURTESY: Drop offs and pickups are in the upper parking lot only alongside the yellow curb in front of the multi to the office.   This is a safety issue.  Pull forward to make room for cars behind you and instruct your child(ren) to exit and enter the car quickly and to use the walkways to their classrooms. If more time is needed, please park in a parking space.  You must remain in your car when waiting for your child at the front curb. NO EXCEPTIONS! The parking spaces on the lower campus are for school personnel only. We ask you to help us to maintain a safe parking lot by following these rules:

  • Remain in your car while waiting for your child
  • Drive slowly and safely.
  • Do not block traffic, do not double park.
  • Pull up as traffic in front of you moves up
  • Park in spaces only and turn your engine off.
  • Do not leave your car or child unattended.
CLASSROOM VOLUNTEERS:  We love our parent volunteers!  Please note that all volunteers must be fingerprinted and vaccinated.  We will have a fingerprinting station at our Back-to-School Night on Aug. 25.  More volunteer opportunities are available with our Parents' Club, Bonny Doon Community School Foundation, the School Council and the BDUESD School Board.  We will be sending more information after the school year is underway.
COVID-19 Information.  All schools in the county, including BDS, are HIGHLY recommending masks indoors.  The latest guidance for SC County Schools can be found here.  We will continue to keep doors and windows open as much as possible and have air filters on in every classroom.  We will continue with weekly surveillance testing through Inspire Diagnostics.  If you are new to the school, please register through Inspire Diagnostics.  Although the registration asks for your insurance information, leave it blank.  For those already registered, you can re-register without including your insurance information.  The testing is free.
IMPORTANT: We ask that you screen your child before leaving for school for any symptoms.  Please keep your student home if they have symptoms.
Finally, our Parent's Club is hosting Family Fun on the Field on Friday after school from 2:30-3:30.  Bring a blanket, chairs or an afternoon snack.  Meet new friends, say hi to old ones...
Games, balls and toys will be provided.
With enthusiasm and anticipation,