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“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.”

– Marian Wright Edelman


Bonny Doon School has six classrooms, kindergarten through sixth grade.  We have a mix of multi-age and straight-grade classes based on the number of children we have at each grade level each year.  Due to the small size of our school and the frequent need for multi-age classes, our teachers are adept at meeting the individual needs of all students in their classes, regardless of grade level.  They are trained and experienced in supporting a variety of learning styles and in providing interventions for students working both below and above grade level.

We have maintained our Class Size Reduction program and keep our K-3 classes capped at 20 students or fewer, on average.  Our 4th – 6th grade classes typically have between 20 and 28 students. 

Classroom Teachers
Kristie Carruthers
Melissa Hori
Rachel Maugeri
Ola Mugnier
Sarah Speers
Stephanie Sumarna
Holiday Smith

Classroom Aides

Classified personnel supervised by classroom teachers support and enhance the teaching, provide additional adult assistance to students, and/or work with individual students who are identified as Title I and are eligible to receive learning support services. Each classroom is assigned an instructional aide for one hour and 50 minutes daily.  The classroom aides help teachers serve students by providing instructional support, assisting with classroom management, and preparing materials.  All classroom aides have an advanced degree or have passed the district’s proficiency exam.

Wendy Sibray
Jean Williams
Beth Hill
Shirley Schwan
Sonia Bame-Smith

For contact information for teachers and aides, please go to the contact page.

Class Placement Policy

Because we are a very small school with only six classrooms, we are limited in the structure of our classes.  Each year, we will have two or more mixed-age classes. Please see our Class Placement Policy to find out more about how we make decisions for these classes.

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